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Murphy's Law of Combat #103
Tracers work both ways

Come visit beautiful Piti

I've discovered a way to include support for many mods in one map. The new map, Piti MultiMod, supports these mods:

battleship lighting up north base

  • Battlefield 1942 (BF1942)
  • Secret Weapons (XPack2)
  • Desert Combat (DesertCombat)
  • Desert Combat Final (DC_Final)
  • Desert Combat Extended (DCX)
  • Eve of Destruction (EoD)
  • Galactic Conquest Extended (GCX)

All from the same map. It supports these game modes:

  • Single Player / COOP
  • Conquest
  • Capture the flag
  • Team death match

Some of the mods have poor or no support for sea vessels, so I removed the naval fleets from these:

  • Desert Combat (DesertCombat)
  • Desert Combat Extended (DCX)
  • Galactic Conquest Extended (GCX)

Outside of the multimod support, little else has changed. This is a head on sea battle where both Axis and Allies each start with a carrier, battleship, and destroyer. Landing craft storm the island of Piti, where there are 5 control points to take. Once a team controls half of these, the other team starts losing tickets. There is plentty of opportunity for air, sea and land combat.

On the island, there are 5 bases, 4 defence guns, 2 small air fields /w airborn resupply, 2 fighters, 2 patrol boats, 4 tanks, 2 jeeps and a personel carrier. There are also many machine guns readily available in defensive bunkers convieniently located throughout the island.

Current version:

Nov 17, 2004:

Old version:

May 2, 2004:

Piti: Battlefield 1942
thumb #1
view of south base view norh from south base
working landing craft
DC thumb #1
Desert Combat A Salute to Desert Combat
Desert Combat
Shhhh... Secret Weapons...

I've been testing Piti out in all the mods I can get my hands on. The guided missles on the Fletcher in Desert Combat are fun. Secret weapons looks promising. The Goblins are a blast to fly and they turn out to be quite useful in this map.

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