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Murphy's Law of Combat #18
The quartermaster has only two sizes,
too large and too small




These commands have been extracted from the game executables, the game debugger's nifty auto-complete feature and every con and inc file used by any of the official EA mods for Battlefield 1942 and BfVietnam. It is a work in progress and I expect it will be for some time.

At the moment there are 4 choices in the View selection:

  • Help - This help page.
  • Commands - Complete command sets for every category of command.
  • Classes - Commands, broken down into classed objects for:
    • aiTemplatePlugin
    • geometryTemplate
    • lodSelectorTemplate
    • objectTemplate
  • Files - All the files containing any of these commands or directives.
I've noticed that many commands used in the game's con files don't work from the console. I suspect that it's a 2 way street. I plan on putting together a collection of templates that utilize all of them so I can get a list of commands the the debugger complains about. Until then, be wary.

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